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Anonymous asked: How long is your dick?

You know I was getting ready to reply to this with a snarky comment or a picture of Steve Urkle looking confused, but then I realized that I had just reblogged a “I will answer anything in my inbox” post. So I don’t really have grounds to be nonplussed about it.

I am 6 and a half inches long when fully erect. 

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Anonymous asked: Do u want to be my daddy? :p i am so nasty..

You are also anon. So no, but thank you.

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Anonymous asked: Crossing fingers I'm the girl in your head hehe how would one go about asking a daddy to pee on her? I jokingly brought it up one day and he was grossed out...

I have no way of knowing that since you are on anonymous. Makes it hard.

As for how to ask your Daddy, I dont really know. His reaction could be a good indicator that he isnt interested, or it could be that he was giving you expected and has never really thought about it.

If you have a tumblr then post some pictures you like that involve it and let him come across them. Or you could just flat out talk to him about it. Tell him that it is something you are interested in and want to explore. D/s is built on open lines of communication, you shouldn’t have to be afraid that he will turn your interests down. So just talk to him about it.

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Anonymous asked: Can a thick girl be a baby girl too...? I've always wanted to be one but feel awkward not fitting into the usual visual type...

Being a baby girl has nothing to do with bodytype, it has to do with personality. Embrace yours and run with it :)