What Daddy Wants

Daddy gets

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xbarbie21x asked: I absolutely love all your stories...I would love for a new one soon! ;)

Well thank you so much :)

I guess it really is time for me to write since I got two requests in the same day about it. And I will eventually, but to be honest it wont be right now. Finals are coming up very soon and to tell the truth I have not paid nearly enough attention this semester and I have almost no clue what is going on. I very well may fail multiple classes, so that is consuming my attention at the moment. But never fear, I will get around to writing more.

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texasrhistuff asked: Excuse me, Sir, but I noticed you haven't posted any stories for us lately. Will you please consider posting more? I so enjoy reading them. Thank you, Sir.

Thank you :) it means a lot that people enjoy my stories. I would love to write more and probably will over the summer, but this semester of school has been very stressful for me and I just havent had the right mindset to sit down and write anything recently.